Soul thoughts

What is happening to us?

We must understand that what happens to us is being created by us, including things that you cannot control such as natural disasters. Pandemics etc. These situations are created by the collective consciousness and affect you in one way or another because they have to do with your vibration or thought that you share with many people. Understand that God, life, the planet, the universe, politicians etc. they don’t give you or take anything away is a complex process because it forces you to take responsibility for your life, your thoughts and your way of acting. No one is responsible for what happens to you and no one should be blamed. Everything comes from you, from your way of thinking, from your desires or even from your own fears. You attract everything you think about, the good and the less good. In the end, everything you live leaves you with a lesson, whatever it may be. Being aware of your thoughts costs. Being able to maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficult situations and in front of everything in life is a huge challenge. The issue is how you act or respond to each situation you experience. That’s what life is all about: how you take on situations and how you respond to them. It is a purely human decision that there are children dying of hunger, it is a human decision that we take over everything, that we do not share and we give ourselves the “luxury” of wasting. It is a truth, that we mistreat the planet and then we want everything to continue the same or even better. We cut down trees, we dirty rivers, we use products that affect nature and if we don’t do it directly, we buy products from companies that hurt the earth and that do so without caring about the damage they cause, just to profit. We mistreat others and we want not to be mistreated, we complain about what we have and we only appreciate it when we lose it. We speak ill of others and do not want them to speak ill of us. We do not give opportunities and we want to have them. We have no compassion and we do want others to have it with us. We want everything and give nothing. We believe that we are the ones who are right and do not listen. It is time to change many paradigms. It’s time to think that we are all one If I am fine the other will be fine, if the other is fine I will be fine, Life is not about me, it is about how I touch the lives of others. Let’s act with conscience and everything will get better every day


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